KSA Salary Guide 2022

KSA Salary Guide 2022

KSA salary guide 2022 report overview

The salary guide 2022 report is the right place to check if you want to know why salaries are growing swiftly – or not growing at all – or what employers look for when giving out pay raises.

Professional Recruitment Publishes KSA salary guide 2022 report for Saudi Labor market

This guide has assessed all challenges and risks that Saudi’s companies went through the last two years. then It has included the main department’s information.

Therefore, this salary guide report has been created to help the organization obtain information about the salary scale for employees, their experiences, and competencies. 

In this unique KSA salary guide, Professional Recruitment Company, a leading Saudi recruitment and consulting company established in 2015 in Riyadh, provides a well gathered source of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s employment Market Salary Scale, within various industries such as: Public sector, FMCG, Retail, IT, Marketing, E-Commerce, Management Consultancy, and Banking.

They study the jobs that range from early career to chief career levels, encompassing 2022 trends and best practices.

Professional Recruitment seeks to provide accurate insights and findings as a Salary Guide. Since this report is highly demanded by organizations in the market. also it will be created annually by  Professional Recruitment firm.

When to prepare a salary guide report

The KSA salary guide report is well-created to be a document that can be developed with new additions or modifications whenever necessary especially in the following cases:

  • Change in workforce: Rebuilding the internal organizational structure of the departments. The economy is being affected by recent events. As a result, many businesses may need to reorganize their workforce. With hybrid positions on the rise and job titles differing from one organization to the next, a salary guide might assist in determining fair employee compensation. 
  • Creating new positions: Assume you’re the HR director of a small retail chain, and you’ve been assigned to hire a new role you’ve never had or unfamiliar with. How can you figure out crucial employee information like average salary and benefits that will attract and retain top talent? A salary guide can help in this situation. Continue reading to learn more about what these guides contain and how they might benefit you.
  • Major changes in job duties and responsibilities (such as adding new duties and activities or removing or redistributing some responsibilities and duties).
  • Changes in the regulations and legislation regulating wage levels in saudi companies. These wage inequalities are critical in determining the company’s salary structure. As the labor market changes, this structure of the company must be revised on a regular basis.

you can get access to the guide by clicking on the link below

KSA salary guide report option 2022 

Why is ksa salary guide 2022 considered important for organizations to have?

  • Reducing the risk of losing top talents in the organization and causing them to move to other competing organizations as a result of better offers and opportunities.
  • It has a clear indication of the level of salaries that its managers get compared to the market.
  • Knowing how much other surrounding companies Bpay, which helps them in the process of attracting and retaining their employees.
  • Help maintain the company’s reputation.

Our recruitment and consultancy team of specialists has made this Saudi Arabia salary guide pdf according to international measures that take into account the achievement of equity in salary levels at the internal level among the employees of the organization and comparing it to similar organizations.

Main industries included in KSA salary guide 2022 pdf:

  • Finance and Accounting

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides a development roadmap for the services of HR Consultancy and local financial sectors locally and to compete globally which enabled the banking industry to keep the hiring momentum during 2021.

It is also worth mentioning that it was a challenging year for the domestic banking industry to hire, retain, and promote due to the global damage and effect of the Covid-19 that forced Saudi Arabia’s employment market into a survival phase for some financial industries. 

  • Supply Chain Management

Challenges do not stop with talent acquisition and financial management; but it exceeds to the supply chain and its various services.

Saudi talent leaders manage different functions and firms in this business area while the marketplace expands in the public and private sectors.

Supply chain services, Internet Business, Retail, FMCG, F&B are illustrating a large demand of Saudi talent to build, design, execute and lead multi-business functions.

Companies started their future leaders’ programs to ensure available talent sustainability.

  • Human Resources Management

Human resource capability is crucial for creating sustainable competitive advantages and can be appropriately used to improve the performance of an organization. also This study adopted a process perspective to propose an integrated model that comprehensively considers the key variables of human resource capability and organizational effectiveness.

  • Information Technology

Emerging Technologies and innovation initiatives are critical to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 strategic vision objectives.

There is a market demand in areas such cloud computing, IT architecture, emerging technologies, fintech, IOT and information security. The demand is increasing into senior roles to establish an excellent business base.

  • Marketing & E-Commerce

The marketing field continues to be one of the fastest-growing areas. Many jobs will appear in 2022 with the boom of Saudi Arabia’s economy, specifically in the field of creativity in both online and offline ads.

The Marketing segment is a technology evolving sector that runs parallel to all the upcoming IT trends. So, if this is true, this industry has not acquired enough resources.

  • Public Sector:

Many obstacles appear due to the fast pace of change and adaptation to the newly updated terms. This surely makes individuals who seek new job opportunities, business owners and human resource departments in an instability to linking resources together for what they really seek and desire to be in.


By making this ksa salary guide 2022 report , Professional Recruitment Agency is looking forward to bringing a change in Human Capital transformation within different industries, to compete in being one of the HR Advisory firms that puts their flag within the Saudi Arabia’s human capital challenges. Professional Recruitment`s  job scan methodology focused on the most demanded jobs in various industries related to well-structured organization to medium size companies with High governed job evolution methods.

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