Job Analysis , Description & Specification

We conduct the job analysis to diagnose the current situation and identify the gaps to fill them with the right job descriptions.

Job Analysis , Description & Specification are the process of analysing and evaluating jobs to understand what people do in their roles, the skills and abilities they need to accomplish and what sorts of experiences and education provide the credentials needed for success.

This fundamental knowledge of employment forms the basis for all talent management procedures in a business, from hiring and recruitment to career advancement and development and talent planning. A business can develop talent strategies that fulfil the needs of employees and executives and set them apart as an industry leader by having a clear and accurate image of what people do, their skills to match them with the job requirements. Accordingly, an effective job task analysis, job demands , work role analysis. work needs analysing work can be made.


Purpose of Job Analysis

It is a detailed examination and evaluation of the job as it:

  • Determines the necessary information regarding the nature of the job and the job design
  • Diagnoses the current situation
  • Identifies the gaps to fill them by the right job descriptions
  • Includes thorough study, observation, and reporting of what the job involves, qualifications of the job holder, working conditions, abilities, skills, competencies, duties, responsibilities, etc. 
  • Is a strong recruiting tool that increases the quality of new hires and streamline the candidate selection process.

A job description is also an important tool helps in:

  • Informing  employees exactly what job tasks and duties you expect them to perform. Without such clear communications, employees may not perform to your expectations.
  •  Eliminating unqualified candidates for a given position.
  •  Establishing  quality or quantity standards for selecting the best candidate for the job by asking pertinent questions during the interview.
  • Serving as a starting point for what the employer believes to be the essential job duties.

According, to SHRM, job description creation should follow a 6-step process:

  • Perform a Job Analysis
  • Establish the Essential Functions
  • Organize the Data Concisely
  • Add the Disclaimer
  • Add the Signature Lines
  • Approve and Finalize


Our experienced Professional Recruitment staff offers a distinctive service “ job analysis & Organizational Structure and Employer Branding ” that assesses the specified job in collaboration with the employer and the candidate and creates an effective job analysis that reflects the business demands, the environmental factors, and the essential and non- essential job functions. Let us Perform your company Job Analysis to make the most benefit from it  as our professional Recruitment team will ensure you that it is reviewed and approved to guarantee success and growth.


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