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March 1, 2019by Blair Dane0

Q1. How do recruitment agencies work?

Recruitment agencies have an extensive database of resumes. The process works as follows;
first, it begins with the need of closing job vacancies for a company “our clients”.
Next, recruitment agencies provide a job analysis moreover, it studies the companies’ requirements to find suitable candidates for their market needs and goals.
Recruitment agencies differ, some specializes in working with junior positions, others specializes work with executive and senior positions.

Q2. What are clients expecting from recruitment agencies?

From a recruitment point of view, we notice that many of our clients (HR managers or CEOs) expect that they’ll have ten interviews to hire one candidate only. While in reality, they meet three candidates and accept one from there, and sometimes they might employ the three candidates together. The primary role of recruitment agencies is to find the right candidate for the organization. It reflects an experience in recruitment and job analysis that matches the companies’ needs. Good recruitment agencies are found based on the company’s needs and competencies that fully matches those needs.

Q3. How do recruitment agencies get paid?

Recruitment agencies differ from one another in terms of the method of charging. Some recruitment agencies receive a rate of the candidate’s total annual salary on the first day of joining. While other recruitment agencies receive half of the amount on candidates’ joining date and the other half after completing three months, other recruitment agencies charge a fixed amount for every recruitment they close.

Q4. Is it better to use a recruitment team or a staffing recruitment agency for hiring?

Each option has its own pros and cons and the decision must be taken after analyzing the internal situation of the Company. On one hand, a recruitment team needs a fixed salary throughout the year. If a recruitment team isn’t necessarily a company will be better off without it in terms of saving costs.
on the other hand, using an external recruitment agency. It has many features including confidentiality, quicker and fit hiring.
If a company is planning on executive and senior positions in the company such as Group of CEO or CEO, it’s better to deal with an external recruitment agency to maintain more confidentiality and secure the position quickly. Recruitment agencies have both the experience and resources to do so.

My question is to you, did you start looking for a recruitment agency already?

Blair Dane

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